Klip lock Roofing system is a strong, durable, versatile, long length roof. It combines the strength of steel, steel fluted pans a lock-action rib design. Which together with concealed fastening, enables its use on application from low pitched foofs.

Design Freedom

YASH Klip lock 40mm high but slim ribs provide strength & beauty. Combines with long length and special anti-capillary side laps allows. YASH Klip lock to be used safely for a slope as low as 2 (1 in 30). If the purlin and the roof plane are perfedtly aligned YASH Klip Lock can be used for roof slope as low as1.

High Strength

Excellent structural properties, Spanning ability and remarkable recovery ofter excessive load are derived from inherent strenght of its high tensile steel combined with its modern design and rool forming techniques.

Concealed Fastening

The concealed Klip installation system means that no fasteners penetrate the profile make it long lasting products.

Clip lock roofing sheets manufacturer in India

Mass (YASH Klip Lock)
(Standard Execution)

Base Metal Thickness (mm)
Total Coated Thickness (mm)
Approx. mass per unit area Kg/m2
Approx. Coverage m2/ton
Bare Galvalume
Galvalume Steel,
colour coated

Fixing Arrangement

YASH Klip lock steel Roofing/cladding is designed to be fastened to roof purlins or wall girts with fixing Klips which are concealed during fixing and do not require any fastening holes through the steel sheets. The fixing \ Klip shown in the following illustration can be used to fasten Klip lock steel Roofing/cladding in both 0.55mm and 0.58mm TCT. The Klip for fastening Kilip lock steel Roofing/cladding requires only two fasteners per Klip and provides an easy, positive engagement in the ribs of the profile. The tow fasteners are inserted only through the two punhed holes. Four dimples are also provided in the Klip but these are for auxiliary fasteners only The Klip has a short return leg and long return leg. The Klip must be positioned with the short leg engaging over the male rib of the underlapping sheet.